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Injurious adj. Causing injury, damage or hurt.

This is a community for people that self-injure themselves and people recovering from self-injuring. It is intended to offer support and to help. This community is meant to help you, not to encourage or help you find ways to hurt yourself.

What is self-injury? "Self-injury" is any sort of self-harm which involves inflicting injuries or pain on one's own body. It can take many forms.The most common form of self-injury is probably cutting, but people may also burn themselves, punch themselves or hit their bodies against something. Some people pick their skin or pull out hair.

Why do people deliberately injure themselves? There can be many different reasons why people do this. They can do it to escape from emptiness, depression, and feelings of unreality. To ease tension. To provide relief: when intense feelings build, self-injurers are overwhelmed and unable to cope. By causing pain, they reduce the level of emotional and physiological arousal to a bearable one. Escaping numbness: many of those who self-injure say they do it in order to feel something, to know that they're still alive. These are only few of the reasons.

This community is open to anyone who wishes to join, you can join for support and friendship, or to help others still dealing with this problem. To give advice and help.

Rules: I will not tolerate abusive comments and posts. Users who abuse this community and its members will be banned. If you find someone leaving nasty comments, please email me, so I can ban them from commenting or joining the community. And try not to respond, thats what they want. Just try and ignore them.

If you want to post pictures (example: of you, your cuts, scars, what you've done to yourself, or anything.) please use an lj-cut. Just put <*lj-cut text=*"click here"*> (remove *'s) in your entry, everything below the tag will be hidden in normal view, people will have to click to view/read the rest of your post.

Maintainer: This community is maintain by Miranda, starved. If you ever need anything, please just email me.

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Self Injury Awareness Movement

March 1st 2004 is SI-AM (Self Injury Awareness Movement). Theres more information about it at this site.